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Our comprehensive suite of combined capabilities are aligned to one goal – meeting your requirements.

Who we help


Your entrepreneurial spirit and hard work has created significant wealth. Now you need a partner who can help you progress.

You may need support in continuing your business growth. Or, as you transition from wealth creation to preservation, you may need a transition plan for your life after an exit, or support in managing the proceeds from a liquidity event.

Drawing on our vast experience of advising entrepreneurs, we can expertly advise you at all stages, addressing your business, family, philanthropic and legacy requirements.

Adept at making the complex clear, you will benefit from the combined expertise of our Investment, Real Estate and Private Equity businesses as well as our wider family office services.

Single family offices

As the UK’s first multi-family office, you’ll benefit from our deep knowledge of the multi-faceted challenges single family offices face.

From accessing our Private Equity service to assistance with complexities of multigenerational wealth, you will benefit from an approach tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your wealth demands.

Combining real understanding with first-hand experience, we put the full weight of our collective capabilities at your disposal. Allowing your family office to take greater control of its assets, manage risk and access independent investment advice while we work seamlessly, if necessary, with your professional advisers.


Our global perspective makes us the ideal partner for international families of wealth.

Our multi-lingual team has a vast network of global contacts and are the founding member of the Wigmore Association, a group of eight international family offices who come together to share research, co-investment opportunities and best practices to enhance their understanding of the issues affecting international family offices, just like yours.
We understand that wealth is not constrained by borders. To serve your singular needs, our approach goes far beyond conventional asset management. We aim to add value across the whole spectrum of your family’s wealth, from long-term strategic planning and investments to real estate procurement and multi-lingual family services.

Inheritance & Estates

Reducing complexity and meeting the challenges of intragenerational wealth transfer takes an in-depth understanding.

We provide invaluable insight into the issues faced by inheritors, as well as addressing other factors such as family trusts, grant making trusts or estates with financial investment portfolios. In short, you require a service that reduces complexity, manages the day-to-day administration and provides clear, holistic reporting while focusing on capital preservation and long-term growth.

To ensure the continued success of your wealth, we work closely with all parties to clearly outline the objectives and aspirations of the current custodians. Whether exploring impact investing options or implementing education initiatives to help the younger generations cope with wealth, we put a comprehensive plan in place that will secure your family’s position for generations to come.

What we can offer you

Investment Management

Supporting your wealth today, securing it for tomorrow and striving for an even greater future.

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Real Estate

Whether commercial or residential, access a comprehensive suite of real estate services that address all aspects of your investment’s lifecycle.

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Private Equity

Benefit from balanced investing across the broadest spectrum of private equity classes.

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Family Office Services

As expansive as the solutions you require – a suite of services designed to save you the most important asset of all, time.

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Family office services

To meet the complex challenges of achieving long-term, sustainable wealth, your family office service needs to go beyond the financial. We understand the myriad of complexities and challenges faced in today’s world and aim seamlessly to lighten your load by supporting you with the burdens, as well as the pleasures, of living a life with wealth.

Managing the day-to-day

Taking away life’s administration and dealing with practical necessities.

Customised reporting

Clear, transparent and all in one place. Simpler for you.

Life’s milestones

Facilitating your best interests.

Lifestyle Management

Allowing you to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Business support

Offering you the support to succeed.

Wigmore Association

Working together globally to help our families thrive.

We are proud to be a founding member of the Wigmore Association. The Wigmore Association was formed with the clear and distinct purpose of working together globally to help families thrive. We do this by providing independent global intelligence, offering exclusive access to a trusted international network and helping our families navigate an evolving world.

In doing so we will become the recognised standard for the world’s best and most trusted family offices.

“In today’s global marketplace, families are increasingly looking for access to global investment solutions. Working together, Wigmore enables the pooling of resources and thereby promotes shared learning experiences on key issues that confront us – for example, due diligence and idea generation.”

Jon Hemmingway

CEO, Progeny 3, US