Investment officeOctober 28 2020

The Wigmore Association: September’s Chief Investment Officer Briefing

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The Wigmore Chief Investment Officers held a series of webinar briefings with their leading external research providers during September.  Notable insights from these briefings are described in a summary for each research firm below.

Wigmore Association investment insights

The Wigmore Chief Investment Officer’s (CIO’s) group shares investment insights between our firms across many investment areas. We last met as a group in person during February 2020. As the global pandemic curtailed travel, we have been meeting on weekly video calls to continue to share insights. In place of a face to face meeting with each other and local strategists, economists and fund managers, we ran a series of webinar briefings with our leading research providers across economics, market strategy and political consulting. 

Our briefings were with:

  • Bank Credit Analyst (BCA)
  • Gavekal Research
  • Hedgeye
  • Strategas Research Partners
  • Capital Economics

For further information on each of the Wigmore Association briefings please click here to see the full investment insights report.