Alex Scott


As Founder of Sandaire, Alex sets the standard for the level of client service and commitment to wealth stewardship that clients expect.

Alex founded Sandaire in 1996, having overseen the sale of his family’s Provincial Insurance and Exeter Bank businesses in 1994. His intellectual curiosity, vision and ability to make difficult but important decisions
made him the appropriate leader to oversee this process. As a member of the fourth generation of the Scott family’s business owners, Alex has a deep personal understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities represented by family wealth. This appreciation of the accountability that comes with wealth stewardship informs his sense of commitment to family, staff and clients.

Alex remains non-executive director of his family’s investment holding company and several private companies. He is a Trustee of the Grosvenor Estate, Chairman of Wheatsheaf Investments, Co-Founder and Life President of the Institute for Family Business (UK), Director of the Family Business Network-International, and has several philanthropic responsibilities and commitments.

Each generation creates a new story. The story is not only about continuing what came before, but beginning a new chapter with a new direction.