Supporting personal interest.

Making your passions a reality.

Classic cars. Fine wine. Art. Your passion assets can be excellent investments for your family, achieving significant returns over time. However, as a collector and owners of extraordinary things, you know it is the pleasure, the protection and legacy, the technical artistry as well as the potential to move and inspire that are at the heart of your asset’s true value.

Passionate about preservation.

Helping you realise the joy of ownership starts with a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Will your family office be responsible for acquiring the passion purchase? Who will have access to passion purchase funding? How can it be implemented in the most tax-efficient way? Working closely with you, we help you structure the most effective approach for your ownership requirements.

A network of know-how.

Surrounding your family with world renowned expertise, we understand the importance of connecting you with leaders in their respective fields. From guidance on curating a world class art collection to private wine tastings, you will enjoy unrestricted access to the advice you need through our events and introductions.

Tailored to your needs.

Great wealth opens a door to great opportunity. Allowing you the freedom to look beyond money – to life’s richer pleasures. Giving you the time to discover life-affirming pastimes, realise lifelong ambitions or create the legacy a significant collection brings.

Whatever your passion, we will help you find the right approach and focus for you and your family.

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