More than wealthJune 23 2020

Sandaire’s Charity Spotlight: Emmaus UK

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Covid-19 has recently shone a light on human nature, as the world has watched in recent times all of the responses to the pandemic which has swept the world and has posed some unprecedented challenges for individuals, communities and countries to deal with. And yet, despite the almost unfathomable scale of this issue, the stories of human endeavor, kindness, charity and hope have shone through and offered some solace during difficult times. However, we all know that it shouldn’t take a crisis to be considerate of others less fortunate than we may find ourselves. The importance of charity, philanthropy and community outreach are a constant.

The above is why Sandaire remains fully committed to doing all it can to support our chosen charities and over the course of this month will share information on each of our four chosen charities and some of the incredible work that they are undertaking at this time.

This week we shine a light on Emmaus UK.

Who are Emmaus UK?

Emmaus UK is a charity that focuses on supporting people to work their way out of homelessness, providing meaningful work, training, support and a stable home for as long as an individual needs it.

Established in 1992, Emmaus Cambridge was the first community to be established in the UK.

There are now 29 communities supporting more than 815 people (known as Emmaus companions), by providing a home for as long as needed and meaningful work in a social enterprise, usually one of their charity shops. With another five Emmaus groups working to open new communities.

For these companions, work is an integral part of community life. This social enterprise side of any Emmaus community helps to generate the income that will ultimately make each of them self-sustaining, a common goal that all communities are working towards. The main business activity is collecting donated furniture and household goods and selling them in their charity shops and house clearance services.

In an Emmaus community everyone has their own room, with communal areas for eating and socialising. During the day, companions work in the social enterprises. For many, a positive benefit of living in a community is that it can offer the companionship and support that many people who have experienced homelessness have lost. This can be key to helping someone to stop, take stock, and start to regain a sense of control and stability in their lives.

How has Covid-19 impacted Grief Encounter?

The coronavirus crisis is impacting us all and affecting so many aspects of our lives. At Emmaus we have taken action to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all our companions, staff, volunteers and supporters. Those in our communities are practising social distancing and isolating where needed, all but support staff are working from home and we have closed our shops and social enterprises until further notice.

Closing our shops was the right and only thing to do but it means our 29 communities have lost vital sources of income needed to continue to offer a safe home to 816 people across the UK. To put it bluntly, many Emmaus communities will not have the financial resources to survive this crisis, leaving our companions at risk of being made homeless again. That’s why I’m asking for your support today. I appreciate that these are difficult times for everyone but anything you can offer to Emmaus will help secure the wellbeing of our companions throughout this crisis. There are so many ways you can get involved and I’ve shared a few of them below. 

Thank you to Sandaire. Your efforts will ensure that Emmaus can continue to offer a safe place to call home to people who are experiencing homelessness and social exclusion.

Emmaus UK

We (Sandaire) are committed to raising money through our charitable initiatives and these donations of time and money contribute greatly, providing homes and meaningful work to people experiencing homelessness and social exclusion.