Philanthropic ambition.

Together there is so much we can do.

Using your wealth to benefit others is one of life’s most rewarding endeavours. Combining your passion with our expertise will help you achieve the greatest impact and realise a lasting philanthropic legacy for your family.

A greater good.

Unlike other areas of your family office, which may have necessary restrictions, philanthropy allows a family to express itself, reflecting its range of diverse interests, ambitions and backgrounds. It is also a wonderful way to engage and introduce younger members into family decision-making, to impart a sense of value and create a meaningful intergenerational legacy.


Head and the heart.

Sustainable charitable giving takes a sound structure and a tried and tested advisory service. Whatever your philanthropic aims, you’ll receive practical advice on how to find the right approach and focus for your family.

Tailored to your needs.

Philanthropy is at the heart of Sandaire, with our founding family, the Scott family, actively involved in a number of endeavours across a wide spectrum of causes. Valuing the immense satisfaction it has brought individually and collectively, we are proud to support you in exploring your charitable motives, needs and expectations.

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