Maytum & Clark Lifestyle: At Home Celebrations

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Human connections have never been more important as during these uncertain times. Bonds between us provide support as we face this ‘new normal’ and, the strongest of all, is family. The significance of family becomes ever more apparent when facing life’s milestone moments, including children’s birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Despite the impact COVID-19 is having there is still ample opportunity to organise intimate gatherings to mark these occasions and create shared experiences.

Families are continuing to create new and innovative ways to celebrate safely with loved ones at home. The need for security, privacy and self-contained celebratory experiences is paramount and there are numerous ways to execute this from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy multi-generational family gatherings by transforming your garden into an idyllic setting with a beautifully designed tent, complete with florals and carefully styled decorations. Expert catering, from 5 star picnics to succulent barbeques, alongside creative cocktails all ensure the perfect experience with your loved ones.

There is no better time to help our future generations rediscover ‘fun’. Children’s birthdays are more essential than ever and parties must continue to cultivate happiness. Immersive games, races, scavenger hunts, balloon arches, party bags and novelty cakes generate a truly magical and memorable occasion for the whole family.

With clients looking to celebrate more frequently at home, inspiring entertainment is taking on a whole new form. One of the best ideas that has caught our attention was a Midsummer Night’s Dream garden party for a significant birthday celebration. Theatrical magic came to life using a bespoke theatre group to privately perform the famous Shakespearean play. A Michelin starred chef tailored the catering to capture the intimate theme of the evening to deliver an unforgettable occasion.

Celebrations with those closest to you must not stop as the world around is impacted by the pandemic and these meaningful experiences get you back to enjoying the things you love.

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If you are have an interest in creating an experience or celebration from home you can contact our Family Office Services team at who would be happy to put you in touch.