Making connections.

We make connections with our networks.

Your family office can’t prosper in a vacuum. To thrive it needs access to the latest family and financial thinking pulled from the broadest range of adviser expertise, specialist insight and peer experience. When you join Sandaire, you become part of our extended family of connections where what matters to you, matters to us.

Leading minds.

As your family office grows and changes over time, having access to a network of thought leadership and first-hand advice can prove invaluable. Providing you with a platform where your members can connect with the sophisticated insight needed to address the complex issues that family offices, by their very nature, create.

Expanding horizons.

Our desire to connect your family to the latest global thinking and research of fellow experts, led us to becoming a proud founding member of the Wigmore Association. The Wigmore Association is an innovative collaboration of eight leading family offices from around the world. It opens doors to new investment opportunities, powerful connections and a wealth of ideas you and your family office will benefit from.    

Tailored to your needs.

Introducing great people to great opportunities. Through connections, events, trusted networks or peer requests. To spark debate, exchange ideas or explore interests. Creating a community of combined expertise built to further the interests of you and your family office.

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