Lifestyle management

Allowing you to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Our lifestyle management service aims to give you the time and the opportunity to discover life-affirming pastimes, realise lifelong ambitions and secure your family’s future.

Pursuing passions
From classic cars to fine wine and art, we can help you realise the joy of ownership – from curation and purchase of your passion assets through to storage and insurance.

Whether family health, security or education, we can help you secure your family’s future. From healthcare policies, financial education for the next generation, through to guidance on cyber or physical security, you will enjoy unrestricted access to the advice you need.

Take back time
At homefrom staffing, security or perhaps even relocation, we understand the complexities that can come with managing a home alongside a busy lifestyle. Simplifying aspects of property management can seem daunting in the short-term but done in the right way, with the right support, can relieve a huge burden for you and your family.

Awaywhether travelling for work, for holiday or seeking the next exhilarating experience, organising travel can be a strenuous task. By listening to your needs and requirements we can bring in the right partners to save you time and perhaps even show you a part of the world you never thought you would see.

Lifestyle Management Services

Homes & Property

Open the door to a network of global home and property expertise providing property and project management services, housekeeping, maintenance, security and refurbishment.

From the management of your home and the accounting of household expenditure, to the employment of household staff and attending to the repair of minor defects, our network specialises in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Family & Health

Look after your most important asset – the people you love.

Regular health screening can identify any early signs of disease or other health issues, and is a platform to discuss potential risk factors in your family history or lifestyle that may be putting your health at risk.

Should any issues arise, our network of medical excellence gives you direct access to the world’s leaders in their respective fields.


Forewarned is forearmed, but unfortunately security is a subject that is often overlooked and implemented only after an issue has arisen.

Our network of end-to-end security service providers can protect your family at home, abroad and crucially, online.

Helping you to understand and monitor the risks to your people, assets and information, so that proportionate and effective mitigation can then be put in place.


Our partner insurance experts provide ultra high net worth individuals and their families with specialist products tailored to their lifestyle and insurance needs.

Giving you access to a multi-disciplined team bringing diverse skills in providing best-in-class risk management, insurance, employee benefits consulting and retirement services.

They focus on unique, high quality services, listening to your objectives, understanding your needs, and devising innovative solutions to solve problems – no matter how complex.

Travel & Experiences

Welcome to a world of luxury tailor-made travel without limits.

Our dedicated global network of travel specialists unearth the most dazzling destinations and curate bespoke travel and experiences.

From luxury hotels to the finest resorts, private islands, and alpine retreats, they plan and curate one-of-a-kind adventures, tailored to personal desires.

Yachts & Maritime

Owning and managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly elaborate business. It takes a high-level of expertise to support and advise yacht owners and their captains to ensure that the yacht is being maintained, administered and operated to the highest standards.

Our partners are driven by a passion for yachting and a commitment to delivering unrivaled levels of service. Adapting to your specifications, our network can build,
sell, broker, manage, crew and charter some of the world’s finest superyachts.


Whether your aspirations lie behind the wheel of a polished and period-correct classic car, an eco-friendly electric vehicle, or preparing in the pit lane prior to taking your place on the starting grid, we give you access to experts who can support your automotive passions.

Our network of specialists can help source and secure the right cars that are not only a joy to own and drive, but can represent an alternative asset class with significant market value. But that isn’t the end of the road. Our contacts go way beyond buying – providing a full service – to expertly meet your selling, storing, shipping, restoring or racing needs.

From everyday family vehicles and executive fleets to realising your ambition of a “one-off” or limited edition build, our network can help with your home, business or race track requirements.

Art & Antiques

From the in-depth artist and contextual analysis associated with fine paintings and antiquities, to understanding the fast moving currents of the modern and contemporary art scene, our art and antique advisors are independent market insiders.

Whether you need assistance completing a collection, or sourcing a number of pieces to furnish a new residence, our network of experts can help. Building a long-term relationship with you, their end-to-end expertise will assist in navigating all aspects of the complex art world – from conservation, restoration and installation to strategic advice, selling and shipping.

Working with the most prestigious artists, galleries, museums, auction houses and art fairs around the world, they can identify and evaluate the art you are looking for and determine genuine objects of calibre where others might be deceived.

Wines & Spirits

Our network of esteemed wine and spirits connoisseurs, certified sommeliers and specialists source the world’s finest ready-to-drink, elusive, rare, vintage and aged liquids.

They can help with all eventualities, from locating a specific vintage for a celebration, building a drinking cellar with a responsible eye on future value, all the way through to operating multi-million pound portfolios in a full discretionary asset management context.

Timepieces & Jewellery

Whether you’re looking to add to a prized collection or entering the world of haute horlogerie and high jewellery for the first time, working with experts ensures your passion pieces are beautiful investments as well.

In a world where one-offs join limited editions, the experienced and critical eye of expert gemmologists gives confidence when exploring glittering gold, diamonds and jewels.

Our network offers you access to a broad range of beautiful products including jewellery, silverware, timepieces, leather goods, silk, china and crystal.

And for personalised or bespoke requests, we have built a network of artisans who are expert in crafting exquisite jewellery, leather goods and engraving.

Tailored to your needs.

In short, our service is as expansive as the solutions you require and is supported by the most trusted professionals in their respective industries.

Key services include:

  • Home
  • Family
  • Health
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Vehicles – cars, jets, yachts
  • Passion assets

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