Legacy and succession planning.

Making an impact today, for tomorrow.

Succession, like the success being passed on, takes time to create. It requires long-term planning to be effectively implemented and a real understanding of your goals to ensure it meets your expectations and those of the next generation. Supporting your wealth today, securing it for tomorrow and striving for an even greater future.

A question of balance.

How to effectively balance your needs and the needs of future generations sits at the heart of effective succession planning. It takes compromise, clear communication and the ability to accommodate new ideas while staying true to your values and family’s guiding principles.

Clarity, not conflict.

For an enduring and robust succession, all stakeholders (family and non-family) have to believe that it is fair. That will require clarity, transparency and mutual respect – particularly if non-family talent is viewed as critical to the business’ continued success.

Tailored to your needs.

For many family offices, the greatest question they currently face is generational change. Preparing for and managing the handover from one principal, especially the original wealth creator, to the succeeding generation can raise unique and potentially damaging challenges.

As a fourth generation family office, our first-hand experience can help you avoid the pitfalls and pursue the best practices to ensure a seamless succession.

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