Your vision is our focus.

Supporting your wealth today, securing it for tomorrow and striving for an even greater future.

Tailored investment management.

When you partner with us, you gain access to over 50 years of first-hand experience nurturing the investment needs of extraordinary families – including those of our founding family.

Create the wealth outcomes you want
Enjoy investment management on your terms. Benefit from real understanding that will help you to define the purpose of your wealth and establish a robustly researched, long-term strategy to meet your family’s objectives.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with you, investing your money alongside the Scott family; never taking investment decisions on your behalf that we aren’t willing to make for our owners.”

StJohn Gardner

Chief Investment Officer

One philosophy. Three crucial components.

1. Holistic approach.

Devising an investment strategy tailored to your specific requirements – informed by a full understanding of you and your family’s unique aspirations.

2. Thoughtful guidance.

Complexity made simple – investment counsel, guidance and thoughtful stewardship of your portfolio structuring and money management.

3. Independent expertise.

Gained through the pioneering foresight of our founding family –  impartiality is imperative and all decisions are made with your family firmly in mind.

Realising what’s right for you.

Whatever your wishes are for your family’s wealth, our approach puts you in complete control.

Global investing.

Your portfolio will benefit from the full breadth of our global asset allocation and asset-class expertise. Analysing markets and economies worldwide to deliver the best long-term opportunities in line with your investment goals.

Robust research.

Staying abreast of global market developments and their implications for your affairs takes a team of experts. Conducting thoughtful research and consulting widely brings the latest thinking to your ongoing investment strategy.

Asset allocation.

Allocating your money across a diverse range of assets – in proportions we have calculated should meet your objectives long term – is our first step in meeting your expectations.

Trusted partners.

Our independent network is your strength. Being devoid of in-house products, biases or affiliations enables us to seek the best solutions to meet your needs and the best people in the world to manage them.

Institutional access.

Our Bloomberg Markets’ ranking within the top 50 richest family offices globally means your portfolio can command access to the largest funds, but still remain nimble enough to allocate to smaller opportunities.

Responsive reporting.

Holistic reporting that collates all of your financial details into one, easy to digest communication. Delivered at a frequency that you dictate. Better advice from us. Simpler for you.

Tailored to your needs.

Addressing your family’s specific wealth needs – that are without doubt challenging, complex and highly personal – requires first-hand experience of your position and the real understanding needed to help your wealth work in all the ways you want it to. Flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances, but robust enough to ensure capital preservation for the generations to come, bring balance to your family’s long-term future via investment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Other areas of interest:

Investing with impact.

Can my wealth be a force for good?

With the insight and advice of our investment management team, modern sustainable, ESG or impact investing can provide your family with an ethical approach to building a high performance portfolio, without compromising your principles.  

It is also an excellent way to engage and introduce younger members into family decision-making, to impart a sense of purpose, while supporting the environmental and social causes your family cares about. With many families expecting a generational transfer within the next 15 years, impact investing can also be a key element in aligning the aspirations of current and rising generations.