How can we secure our funds for the future?

Working in partnership with a family to stem the erosion of wealth and maintain their current lifestyle, sustainably.

Family M’s challenges:

  • Significant change in financial circumstances
  • Expensive lifestyle vs. finite liquid resources
  • No financial plan in place
  • Complex tax structure
  • Numerous investment portfolios
  • Illiquid legacy investments

Solutions Sandaire provides:

  • Sustainable long-term wealth plan
  • Management of investments
  • Administration of legacy investments
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Coordinated tax, CRS and FATCA queries

Family M lived an expensive lifestyle, sustained by a high regular stream of income linked to the father. The family had a sudden and dramatic imbalance of expenditure and income when the father died in the nineties. Continuing the same expenditure pattern would result in a capital and liquidity squeeze.

As well as a small investment portfolios, the family owned lifestyle assets such as yachts, estates and multiple houses. The lifestyle assets were costly to maintain. The family needed help turning their consolidated financial assets into a sustainable setup with a regular and reliable income which would meet their needs. Sandaire helped the family to establish a financial plan which would achieve that goal and allow them to enjoy a similar lifestyle in the future.

Sandaire was engaged to assist in the process of rebalancing the lifestyle and illiquid assets towards investment and liquid assets. Sandaire sourced new investment opportunities for the family, helped deal with their complicated tax structures and administered the legacy portfolio of investments. Sandaire’s key role was assist the family in understanding their ‘big picture’.

Supportive and independent.

Sandaire has helped family M to objectively review their lifestyle and financial assets. Sandaire supported the family in their period of transition and helped them to establish an enduring footing. We continue to support their ongoing administrative needs in relation to the legacy investments and tax structures.

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