More than wealthMarch 13 2020

Fortnightly Thoughts: Charlotte Filsell, Head of Family Office Services, on supporting women and families of wealth

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Charlotte Filsell

Head of Family Office Services

International Women’s Day brought to the surface many inspirational stories of empowered and accomplished women. At Sandaire, we are fortunate to work with several successful women and observe that their motivations and attitudes towards wealth can differ from those of men. For example, evidence suggests that women prioritise meaningful relationships over transactional ones; they like to be informed and educated; they tend to be risk aware; and, are likely to put a lot of focus on family security. In an era when female wealth and income is growing faster than ever, the industry needs to acknowledge, recognise and respect these differences and adapt accordingly.
Even among women, individuals will be at different life stages, have different values and be more or less knowledgeable in certain areas. The same applies across genders, generations and cultures. At Sandaire, we believe the key is to treat all clients as individuals. It is really important to devote time to listen to clients and to understand their motivations, to ensure that the service provided is relevant, personalised and fits around their often busy life. We aim to add value by addressing needs and focusing on areas that matter to our clients. We also like to give back time, arguably the most valuable asset of all, by taking away the burden that can come with wealth.

Whether it’s helping a family to understand the ‘bigger picture’ of their collective assets, engaging with a family on options within the SRI landscape, or helping an individual take back control of their finances, it should not be forgotten that needs will change and priorities will shift over time. A family office must take many forms to respond to these changing needs, whether that’s as a leader, partner, advisor, facilitator, educator, introducer, mentor or mediator. Sandaire’s family office services are as expansive as required to allow us to fulfil our objective to empower and support the women, individuals and families that we serve​.