Family strategy and structure.

Facilitating your family’s best interests.

Carefully constructed governance and management structures are key to the continued success of your family. They help to implement a long-term view of your vision and strategy for the future, provide a platform for future generations, mitigate potential conflict and create legal structures to deal with the complexities of your family’s wealth, transparently.

Alignment and accountability.

Aligning your family’s values, investment strategy, philanthropic aspirations and future ambitions ensures a clear, united purpose. Formalising the family’s wealth objectives – via policies and procedures – establishes an inclusive and clear path for progression. Providing clarity around issues such as family and non-family member roles, for example, or creating a culture of accountability that encourages family members to manage their financial affairs responsibly.

Finding purpose.

Putting structures in place to support, educate and introduce younger family members into the business can help them find purpose –  inside and outside of the family office. Formalising the family’s approach means putting procedures in place to ensure any role undertaken is suited to their ambitions, interests and specific skills. Protecting future performance, the wellbeing of the family member and the family unity as a whole.

Tailored to your needs.

Good governance practices, when implemented correctly, give a family office control, a collective direction and consensus of approach. The journey can involve compromise on all sides for the common good and demands clear communication at all stages. It may not be an easy task, but it is vital – protecting your guiding principles while providing a structured decision-making platform that will ensure the multigenerational longevity of your family’s wealth.

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