Education and inspiration.

Helping to nurture your human capital.

Investing in an effective education strategy is critical to the management of your family’s multigenerational wealth needs. Equipping family members with the training they need to be responsible shareholders and stewards of family wealth will improve communication, build cohesion and provide the appropriate skills needed to make informed decisions.

Readying the rising generation.

You want your wealth to be a source of satisfaction and opportunity for the next generation – ensuring children and young adults are prepared for the responsibilities that come with great wealth. Irrespective of whether they enter the family office, imparting an understanding of the family and it’s values alongside an education strategy that helps them find purpose with wealth will be invaluable to them as individuals.

Lifelong learning.

Educating your family members should be viewed as a life-long process rather than a one-time event. Family meetings are an excellent example of how a regular event can be organised – the majority are annual – that amongst other activities, incorporates an education element into proceedings.

Tailored to your needs.

Investing in education is essential to your family’s short and long-term ambitions – from everyday investment decisions to succession planning – providing core competencies that will support the family office as it develops and becomes more complex in nature.

Whether wealth has arrived predictably or suddenly, we work with you to meet the challenges of wealth management education.

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