Customised reporting

Clear, transparent and all in one place. Simpler for you.

The more complex your financial picture, the more important it is to have access to clear, up-to-date information on your collective assets.

Fully customisable, we work with you to determine the level and frequency of reporting you would like to receive and the amount of information you would like included. In turn, we generate customised reports that deliver a personalised summary of all aspects of your wealth.

Intelligence, in detail
We understand that the nature of your affairs may be complex and so we spend time to capture exactly what you are trying to achieve before crafting a reporting solution that eases the burden on your time, while ‘putting you in the picture’ empowering you to make more informed decisions.

Understanding the intricacies
Enjoy tailored reporting that collates all of your information that you require into one, easy to digest communication. Our customised reporting service can offer an overview of aspects other than just financials, including your adviser network, key contacts and important dates.

Tailored to your needs.

Whether you are simply looking to consolidate your reporting to gain a clearer picture of your collective assets, or are looking to hand over your business with ease to a successor or the next generation; customised reporting may be the answer for you.

Key services include:

  • Consolidated reporting
  • Global wealth balance sheet
  • Family Framework Document
  • Family Portal

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