Can my wealth be a force for good?

Moving to socially responsible investing helps a client build a high performance portfolio while helping the planet.

Client B’s challenges:

  • Single family office could not manage retail clients
  • Family members wanted a personalised solution
  • Demand for passive investment portfolio
  • Keen interest in social responsible investing

Solutions Sandaire provides:

  • Customised portfolio management
  • SRI portfolio
  • Passive portfolio
  • Advisor coordination

Family B had a successful manufacturing business that was sold over 20 years ago. The family have a single family office which manages the majority of the proceeds from the sale. The single family office manages the assets to a single mandate and makes distributions to each family member. The family members also have individual personal portfolios that are not managed by the single family office.

One of the family members was unable to find a personalised investment service that could accommodate his views on passive and SRI investments, as well as his specific regional preferences.

Sandaire was engaged to assist the family in understanding the options available in the SRI landscape. A series of passive SRI portfolios was ultimately establish for the family and the family’s charities. Sandaire manage the portfolios and keep family members updated on changes in the SRI industry.

Pioneering and independent.

Sandaire has helped the client to completely change his investment portfolio and to embrace new investment tools. Sandaire have translated his personal views into suitable investment portfolios.

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