Can I be successful and significant?

Helping an entrepreneur balance her financial affairs with her philanthropic foundation.

Entrepreneur G’s challenges:

  • Complex and committed lifestyle with little time available for financial or legal matters
  • Very broad range of needs and interests
  • Cross border considerations

Solutions Sandaire provides:

  • Central hub for financial affairs
  • Day-to-day administration
  • Coordinate legal and accounting matters
  • Manage investments and oversee external investments

G is an entrepreneur who has founded and sold multiple businesses. She has a Foundation that specialises in the provision of health and education, which she runs with great dedication. G owns various properties around the world, a wide collection of investment assets and has a passion for race horses.

G employed Sandaire to help her with three main problem areas; coordinating her administration and tax planning, managing investments and administrative work. Sandaire and a small number of other companies are employed to help G manage her money. G needed help to coordinate these different investment companies and consolidate the results. Sandaire has authority to oversee the other investment companies and report back to G on a regular basis.

G needed help with ongoing tax planning, inheritance planning (e.g. drawing up a will, powers of attorney), looking for new investment managers to manage impact investments and daily administrative work such as paying bills and fees. All these tasks are coordinated or overseen by Sandaire and reported back to G in a weekly summary report. The weekly report also includes action items she needs to make decisions on.

Sandaire has been employed by G to help with her financial administration but Sandaire has also helped G with more personal challenges, such as liaising with the HMRC. For example, G wanted to gift overseas assets to an overseas Foundation and Sandaire coordinated with HMRC to ensure the correct procedures were followed to maximise the resource flowing into the Foundation. This included a continuous dialogue with the HRMC and overseas legal advisors.

Committed and thoughtful.

Our service helps G with her day-to-day administration, investment management and general financial affairs, as well as providing investment and administrative oversight to her Foundations. We strive to provide G with the best service across all aspects of her life, financially and personally – providing a fulsome family office service.

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