Family ValuesAugust 14 2020

Blue Marble: Far Out Curious Travel

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“In order to bring some of the most interesting and innovative experiences to life, we need to go beyond the realms of what is typically found within the travel industry.”

Elizabeth Ellis, Founder of Blue Marble

Luxury travel today is less about escaping reality. Instead, the focus of our time away is now geared towards immersion with a curiosity to learn and explore, which in turn leads to personal growth and development as individuals, as a family, or with friends travelling together. This has led to an alternative approach to travel that asks “what is humanly possible?”. Where can technological advancement take me? We continue to see a growing demand from clients who want to pursue their interests and passions through the experiences that they embark on when travelling. Ultimately this leads to transformative travel and a deeper appreciation of the world around, above and below us.

We curate each experience from scratch by getting to know our clients in as much depth as possible to understand what makes them tick and suggest experiences that they may have never thought would be possible. To do so we are often involving contacts from around the world who aren’t necessarily linked to the travel industry. Where the “luxury” of an experience can actually be found in the rarity or otherness as opposed to the focus being on the most expensive hotel suite.

We have worked with clients who have a serious interest in the pioneering aspect of Space tourism, as it continues to push the boundaries of what will be possible in our lifetimes – whether with Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, or Elon Musk’s Space X. With this in mind, we arranged a unique itinerary in Russia to fly MiG-29 fighter jets to the edge of space and to train with Russian cosmonauts at the closely guarded scientific base of Star City. Here they trained in the centrifuge and hydro lab to simulate conditions on the International Space Station, and although the accommodation (and flight suits) certainly weren’t considered “luxurious”, the experience itself was something they will never forget.

We are currently working in partnership with a pioneering submersible company on a series of expeditions to the wreck of RMS Titanic. Due to take place next summer, discover the most iconic shipwreck in history before deep sea erosion and metal eating bacteria renders it a rusty skeleton. Due to take place next summer, clients are encouraged to be fully involved with the research expedition and deep ocean experts onboard. These experiences fit with a term we call “The Pioneer Effect”, where part of the appeal of an adventure is being the first to do it. This strongly resonates with a number of successful individuals who we work with and many of whom have pioneered other aspects of their lives.

We have enlisted world record-breaking adventurers as guides for our clients to experience Antarctica in a way that very few others will ever have the opportunity to. Flying from Cape Town on a specially-commissioned jet, our clients spent a week exploring the Seventh Continent, coming face-to face with more than 6,000 Emperor penguins and flying across the high polar plateau to step foot at the South Pole. Together they explored some of the most dramatic, unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful scenery imaginable.

But it is not all about the extremes – the thread that often runs through our clients’ itineraries and the way in which we design unique experiences is by playing close attention to their passions, whether overtly travel-related or otherwise. It is by understanding, empathising and inspiring our clients that we are able to craft truly memorable and meaningful experiences. Whether you are a family looking to venture off-the-beaten-track on this year’s summer holiday, where we might suggest chartering a sailing yacht to discover lesser known islands & coastlines in the Mediterranean; or you want to use your travel time to educate your children on the wider world whereby we can design immersive experiences in South America to explore ancient civilisations, or in Africa where you can be involved in leading conservation projects to show the real impact taking place; or you might be looking to celebrate a milestone birthday with, for example, an adventure by motorbike through Morocco – from the maze of Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains, Sahara and sea. The only limit is your imagination.

Blue Marble Private welcomes you to an extraordinary world. Drawing on extensive travel knowledge with contacts in all corners of the globe, their focus is on crafting extraordinary travel experiences that are both memorable and meaningful.