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To meet the aspirations of your family’s wealth needs, without constraint or compromise, takes real understanding and first-hand experience.

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Your family office

Managing your wealth, defining its purpose and protecting it for future generations takes an extensive range of services, expertly tailored to your specific needs.

Simplifying your life, supporting your passions, educating and inspiring your future generations and aligning your family’s values to provide a robust and far reaching family structure takes extraordinary solutions built for unique families.

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We Know. We Understand. We Care.

Bringing wealth to life involves much more than managing investments.

Sandaire and the Scott family: the forging of the truest form of a multi-family office.

Our values are rooted in the pioneering principles formed at Provincial Insurance.

Strength. In-depth. Connect your family office to a network like no other.

Helping you realise your philanthropic and impact investment goals.

"People who come to us have decided they want a different solution, and what is out there does not answer their needs."

James Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

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