With the third quarter well underway, I am approaching the end of my first year at Sandaire and am delighted to introduce to you my first Chief Executive insight.

It has been a busy year so far, with Brexit of course continuing to dominate the news and little sign of this changing in the immediate future. This being said, there have also been other highly important agenda items occupying our minds. Few were spared the avalanche of emails from firms being proactive at changing their processes and procedures on managing personal data, to comply with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the end of May. Fraud and cybercrime continue to be an issue that affect society at large, and the finance industry is working together to play its part by investing in advanced security systems, as well as improving standards for dealing with victims and deterring criminals. At Sandaire, we played our part in managing the introduction of this important legislation and we have also managed the arrival of the MiFID II (“Markets in Financial Instruments Directive”) regulation this year.

Moving the focus to Sandaire now, our Chairman, Warwick Newbury and I, have had the pleasure of working with Sandaire’s Founder, Alex Scott, in our first year in office, as well as meeting many of our clients. Warwick and I, along with other members of the Sandaire team, have had the pleasure of holding various discussions, which have helped us to understand what our clients would like us to deliver in their relationship with Sandaire and we really value the feedback that we have received.

And so, as we move into the fourth quarter and 2019, we will continue to build and deliver our promises to our clients.  We know that our clients have choices and we like to think that Sandaire is not just any Family Office. Family values remain at the heart of our business and commitment to our clients.  As we move into 2019, delivering exemplary service is the most critical element for us and we will work to ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best.

I look forward to sharing further insights over the coming months.