A year ago, Nick Johnston and Sandaire partnered together to support in the personal and professional development of individuals within the business and enhance team performance.

Nick Johnston, Director of Athletic Thinking, has worked in elite sport for over 15 years. His career so far has seen him repeatedly embedding world class performance systems and coaching at the top of the game, working with some of the best respected international coaches and athletes in rugby. The transference of this experience into the corporate sector is key to our partnership and through Athletic Thinking, Nick applies some of the principles of elite sport to business growth and development.

With us all well into the depths of winter and with Christmas around the corner, we thought what better way than to showcase some of the work that we are doing with Nick than to offer some top tips on how to combat Mental and Physical health and wellbeing throughout December.

The first in our series is going to focus on a balanced lifestyle and here are five top tips of what to focus on:

“A balanced lifestyle is the way in which we live and reflects that the different elements of our life are in the right amount and are proportionate for each individual. Adopting a balanced lifestyle is very important as it has immediate and long-term effects on our health and well-being.”

Athletic Thinking 2017

Physical wellbeing  – 1

We are all culprits of letting our physical wellbeing slip over the festive period but physical activity, diet and rest is key to a balanced lifestyle. With diet and sleep directly linking to the immune function of our bodies, to avoid those winter bugs and to make sure that you are the best version of you over the winter months, make sure that you take good care of your physical wellbeing and reduce bad habits as much as you can.

Mental and emotional wellbeing  – 2

Mental and emotional wellbeing can also be improved by building resilience and, for some, including spiritual aspects into your life can be a big support. Whatever it is in your life that gives your brain and emotional capacity a break, whether it is yoga, plenty of sleep and physical wellbeing (as per above), make sure that you are conscious of your state of mind.

Mental and emotional wellbeing is key to a balanced lifestyle. Some find that this is directly linked to work, which we will go onto below, but it also encompasses supportive relationships. With the festive season being a time for many of us to spend with our families and loved ones, there are also those who do not have that support.

Work – 3

Especially in the financial sector, amongst many others, the festive season is also an incredibly busy working period, with year-end drawing nearer and getting jobs done before the start of the new year. Managing workload is absolutely vital for a balanced lifestyle and enables you to enjoy your life and time outside of the workplace as much as possible. Understanding tasks in hand and planning ahead of time can help in achieving this.

Fun and Happiness – 4

Tis the season to be jolly was written for a reason, making time for fun activities and achieving happiness over the winter months is key for mental, emotional and also physical wellbeing. In short, make sure you laugh, smile and surround yourself with people who make you happy and enjoy every moment!

Security – 5

We all know that the festive season isn’t the cheapest of them all and so financial security and also career security play a massive part in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Try and spread out your spending and plan your schedule, allowing for all of that fun mentioned above. Try to avoid putting yourself in an unstable and insecure position, both in work and with your financial status as much as possible, it isn’t always unavoidable, but planning can massively help with this.

We hope that these top tips help you to enjoy your festive season as much as possible and work towards achieving a balanced lifestyle.