Our process

Robust, rigorous investment

We have years of experience managing all types of investment mandates, from income-focused to high capital growth. Our approach is thorough, conscientious, and when required, bold; combining our pioneering heritage with measured, thoughtful guardianship.

We create individual strategies for each client according to their goals, market expectations and risk tolerance; allocating assets actively, passively or through single-line holdings.

We invest in public and private markets, seeking the best possible risk-adjusted returns that will help our clients achieve their long-term goals.

Investment returns are driven by a range of fundamental and technical factors. We invest through the investment cycle and adjust risk positioning and portfolio allocations accordingly.

Our promise is that all of our clients have complete oversight of what they own; the cost, the risks and the results.

To achieve that, we are committed to unconditional transparency. Our advice is independent.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, investing their money alongside the Scott family’s; never taking investment decisions on their behalf that we aren’t willing to make for our owners.

Open, transparent service

Consolidated reporting

We report to our clients on a regular basis. Our reports don’t overcomplicate, but provide clear and concise performance updates.

We use comprehensive metrics regardless of investment structure and we offer consolidated reporting for the entire client portfolio; incorporating the assets that we manage, and if required, those that we don’t.