Our partners

A network of professional partners

We work alongside some of the world’s leading lawyers, accountants and trustees on issues such as tax, structures and trusts.

Our skills are complemented by these professionals who either come from our trusted network of advisors or are introduced by clients. In either case, we seek collaborative, equal and fruitful partnerships so that, together, we can advance our clients’ ambitions through the right support.

A business built on people

Meet the team

We are a proud founding member of the Wigmore Association; an innovative group of leading single and multi-family offices from across the globe.

This unique organisation provides a forum in which we can share knowledge and best practice with fellow experts, seeking to enhance our understanding of issues that are important to our clients, while retaining objectivity and independence.

It is a collaborative and respectful environment where we seek to extend opportunities for our clients in the global marketplace.

Family office partners