How can I take back control of my finances?

Bringing clarity to the complex inheritance investment issues of an international client.

Client M’s challenges:

  • Unsuitable investment portfolio
  • Lack of regional, asset and currency diversification
  • Disjointed understanding of overall assets
  • No long-term financial plan
  • Specific asset class investment needs

Solutions Sandaire provides:

  • Consolidated strategic asset allocation
  • Long-term financial plan
  • Customised investment portfolios

M inherited a significant amount of wealth from her father when he died. The assets had been held in trusts and the Trustees had appointed a series of friends and colleagues as investment managers.

M became more interested in her financial affairs and realised that the selection process of local managers was resulting in a significant exposure to Emerging Market equities, high levels of management fees and a disjointed approach to investing.

Sandaire assisted M in developing a single strategic asset allocation for all of her assets, including real estate investments and unlisted businesses. We reviewed the overall currency exposure and regional equity exposure and assisted M to develop a more diversified strategy.

Some of the successful investment managers were maintained and Sandaire provide individual asset class mandates to complete the overall strategic asset allocation. Sandaire has also assisted M in reviewing the suitability of the custody platform and the levels of fees being charged by investment managers.

Sandaire provides ongoing advice on overall strategic asset allocation, regular input to M investment committee and investment management of individual asset classes.

Supportive and independent.

Sandaire has helped the client to objectively review her consolidated investment portfolio and establish a long-term financial plan. Sandaire has helped M to transition her portfolio and provides ongoing consulting and investment management services.

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