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10 May 2017 / Alexandra Altinger

Video: More to Wealth Lecture by Alain de Botton

Video: More to Wealth Lecture by Alain de Botton
Sandaire’s More to Wealth lecture series was launched in 2013 as part of a number of initiatives aiming to promote a deeper understanding of the concept of wealth in its many guises, its role in society and how it varies for different individuals and communities.
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Sandaire is an international investment office delivering tailored solutions for wealthy families and foundations.

We are family-owned and professionally managed, with a 20-year history that provides unique insights into the evolving opportunities and challenges that wealth creates, truly understanding that there is more to wealth than just investment performance.

We know at first-hand that wealth is a very individual thing. We make it our business to simplify the complex nature of wealth so that we can steward and further its potential for our clients.