Lecture by Lucy Kellaway

people Lucy Kellaway 25/05/2017

A lecture for this generation and the next. Lucy Kellaway, renowned FT journalist, management expert and now high-school maths teacher shared her personal career story and discussed how to align passion and purpose, whilst honing the skills required for a sustainable working life.

Following her keynote address, Lucy joined a panel to discuss the challenges and opportunities of work in an ever-changing environmental, technological and social landscape.


David Baker

David Baker was the launch managing editor of Wired magazine in the UK, is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service, and teaches at The School of Life in London and Sao Paulo. He specialises in using simple language to bring complex topics to new audiences and has a particular interest in the future of work and the effect of technology on human beings. His work has appeared in many publications including Wired, the Financial Times, the Independent, the Times, the Sunday Telegraph, Wallpaper and the Guardian.

Diane Coyle

Diane Coyle was an economist at the UK Treasury from 1985 to 1986, and later became the European Editor of Investors Chronicle between 1993 later became the European Editor of Investors Chronicle between 1993 and 2001 and economics editor of The Independent. She has written a series of books focused on educating people about different aspects of economics. She has said that her first book, The Weightless World (1997), was a contribution to the creation of a radical centre. Another book explores concepts of “enoughness” and sustainability.

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor has been Chief Executive of the RSA since 2006. He has blogged over 1,200 times on topics ranging from policy, politics, public service reform and cultural theory to the RSA itself. Prior to becoming Chief Executive of the RSA, Matthew was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister. He was the Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research between 1999 and 2003, has written numerous articles, and is a regular panelist on Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

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