Top Questions that Families of Wealth Ask

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Each year at Sandaire we make it a priority to find out what interests our clients, and set out each year with a goal – to deliver experiences based on those interests and give clients the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions in the form of events that they will not soon forget.

‘More to Wealth’ is a phrase that encompasses not only the service that we offer our clients but our lecture series where each year, since 2013, we have held an event on a specialised topic, (in 2018, this was philanthropy) to invoke curiosity and conversation into the concept of wealth.

In 2019, our priorities remain the same, however, we will be holding a number of specialist events to meet the needs and interests of our clients and these will be based around the three key themes of family, social responsibility and pioneering industry experts.

On Thursday 28th March we will be hosting the first event of the year, commencing with an evening of questions and canapés, joined by a panel of experts. This event is titled ‘Top Questions that Families of Wealth Ask’.

Managing significant family wealth is a complex affair, offering both opportunities and challenges. Those challenges have been on the rise with an unprecedented transfer of wealth across generations, shifting definitions of family, globalisation, evolving family dynamics, increasing longevity as well as historically low interest rates, increasing tax demands and massive wealth creation.

With this in mind, at the event on the 28th, the panel of experts (listed below) will be offering their experience and expertise on the opportunities and challenges faced for families of wealth, focusing specifically on the topics of children and money, planning and leaving a legacy, as well as an open Q&A for guests.

As families are continually growing, evolving, and shifting their needs and priorities, it is incredibly important for us as their trusted partner to provide delicate guidance and careful stewardship to help the families that we work with along their wealth journey, and events such as this, and others that we will be holding in 2019, will aim to do just that.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our guests at this event and will be sharing further insights following the event on the topics discussed.

Our Panellists

Tom McCullough – author of the recently published book ‘Wealth of Wisdom: Top 50 Questions Wealthy Families Ask’, Northwood Family Office Founder and Chairman of the Wigmore Association.

Juliette Johnson – Founder of Juliette Johnson Consultancy, dedicated to supporting and advising families in business and wealthy families across the generations.

Peter Leach – Deloitte UK partner, specialising in advising family enterprises and the Deloitte Global Leader Family Enterprise Consulting, as well as Adjunct Professor of Family Business at Imperial College.

Caroline Burkhart – Director at Scorpio Market Research, focused on market research for clients of high-net and ultra-high net worth.

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