1 February 2016 / Editorial team

Sharing Sandaire’s experience throughout Asia

Sharing Sandaire’s experience throughout Asia

In Asia, the concept of multi-family investment offices is new, according to the managing director of Sandaire’s Singapore office, which acts as the hub for its activities in the region.

Nadav Lehavy said: “While many families in Asia are accustomed to investing on their own behalf there is an increased understanding of the value that a multi-family investment office can provide in order to fulfil the purpose of a family’s wealth. Families, and particularly the family members that are tasked with being stewards of their family’s affairs, are often pleased to have an alternative to private banks.”

Sandaire took on their first family in the region in 2013, and has continued to add new clients since. Nadav believes there is considerable scope for growth as family businesses traditionally have dominated the Asian landscape and many of those families appreciate the empathy that family-owned Sandaire can convey, as well as its collaborative approach to client relationships.

Sandaire’s roots as a family office for Chairman Alex Scott’s own family is one that much of the local market can identify with. He says: “Our independence and first-hand experience of wealthy families’ needs means we’re often regarded as a value-added alternative to the institutions they are used to dealing with.”

While the thoughtful and robust investment process that has been honed by Sandaire over the past 20 years underpins the Singapore offering, Nadav says the relationship they have with clients is sensitive to the needs of families that have regional exposures, whether through their corporate affairs or private wealth holdings.

“The global asset allocation piece is critical and one of the most important drivers of wealth preservation and performance but, at the margin, we can also access idiosyncratic opportunities for our clients.”

“We have observed that there is an increasing interest from some clients to have private equity or direct investments in their portfolio for diversification purposes and also because, as business owners themselves, they appreciate owning a stake in a company.”

Nadav and the Singapore team enjoy sharing their experience working for a multi-family investment office, having attended over 20 conferences and events in Asia in the past year and represented Sandaire on a number of the conference panels.

He said: “People are keen to talk to us as a family business which is attuned to their needs and ambitions.”

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Sandaire is an international investment office delivering tailored solutions for wealthy families and foundations.

We are family-owned and professionally managed, with a 20-year history that provides unique insights into the evolving opportunities and challenges that wealth creates, truly understanding that there is more to wealth than just investment performance.

We know at first-hand that wealth is a very individual thing. We make it our business to simplify the complex nature of wealth so that we can steward and further its potential for our clients.