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Marc Hendriks

Global Strategist

+44 (0)20 7290 5200

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In his role as Global Strategist, Marc applies intellectual and practical rigour to insights on the interaction between financial markets and the economy.

Graduating in Economics, Sociology and Statistics in 1978, Marc has worked with a wide variety of organisations from both the financial and real economy and has been involved with a number of different research groups. Before joining Sandaire, Marc was CIO of Thomas Miller Investment Ltd, where he spent over 5 years managing asset allocation and investment strategies for a range of clients. Prior to this, he was chief economist for Societe Generale, Swiss Bank Corporation and Baring Brothers. In addition, he has been a member of a number of Investment Advisory Boards and acted as an economic advisor to companies.

Marc has written and published a number of articles on economic and financial topics, something he hopes to return to one day. Marc is the founding and present Chairman of the Wigmore Association, a global collaboration of seven family office partners. He is also honoured to be an elected member since 1990 of the Conference of Business Economics in the United States.