Our relationships

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Collaborative spirit

We care about creating mutually trusting and enjoyable professional relationships that allow frank and open communication with our clients and their other professional advisers.

We also build long-term relationships with peer organisations to enhance our expertise and reach, for the benefit of our clients.

With families

Clients come to us for our intricate understanding of the dynamics and responsibilities of modern family wealth.

We work with a select number of families and individuals, devoting a great deal of thought and time in order to understand each client’s circumstances and formulate the most effective investment strategies.

We build relationships with all family members and encourage future generations to be successful heirs by providing opportunities for education and mentoring in responsible, creative wealth management and ownership.

With foundations

Effective financial stewardship, over time, is vital for our foundation, charity and endowment clients such as Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

We establish a clear picture of the wider context and risk landscape so that we can manage their portfolios most effectively, adapting their construction in step with changing economic circumstances.

With other professionals

We are proud to work with some of the world’s best lawyers and accountants on issues such as tax, structures and trusts for families and foundations.

These professionals may be introduced by the client or come from our trusted network of external professionals. In both cases, we are respectful of their skills; it is in our nature always to work in a collegiate manner in order to advance our clients’ ambitions.

Wigmore Association

Sandaire is a founder member of the Wigmore Association, an innovative group of eight leading family wealth offices from seven countries on four continents.

This unique organisation provides a forum to enhance our understanding of issues that are important to the clients we serve, while retaining our independence and objectivity.

It also offers a collaborative environment dedicated to sharing best practice and extending opportunities for our clients in the global marketplace.