Our principles


Considered stewardship

At Sandaire we stay close to what matters most to us: the opportunities to grow and protect our clients’ wealth. We offer impartial, decisive advice, delivered in a clear and considered manner.

Our strong business principles draw on generations of wealth management, and the pioneering investment approach central to the company’s foundations.

We never forget the importance of going beyond the mainstream and thinking in creative and original ways about the challenges of investment management.

We are unbiased and independent, with no products of our own to sell and no incentives to favour particular strategies, asset classes, investment tools or providers. We operate a transparent fee model.

And we remain true to the qualities that Keynes much admired in the Scott family:

  • Always putting people first.
  • Open to new ideas that challenge convention.
  • Never self-important; making the process of discussion effortless and congenial.