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Sandaire is an international investment office delivering tailored solutions for wealthy families and foundations.

We are family-owned and professionally managed, with a 20-year history that provides unique insights into the evolving opportunities and challenges that wealth creates, truly understanding that there is more to wealth than just investment performance.

We know at first-hand that wealth is a very individual thing. We make it our business to simplify the complex nature of wealth so that we can steward and further its potential for our clients.

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US Election: Market Update & Investment Implications

The reasons for Trump’s victory will continue to be discussed in the months ahead - the purpose of this market update is to consider the investment implications, as we see them on 9th November 2016.
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Entrepreneur Series: In Conversation with Sharon Vosmek of Astia Angels

While today’s global economic outlook is at best uncertain, at worst downright bleak, we are nevertheless seeing unparalleled amounts of innovation and start-up activity amongst small companies. Media attention continues to focus on angel investment, crowdfunding and social entrepreneurship, and as mentioned by Sandaire in earlier blog articles, impact investing is growing in popularity amongst millennials and entrepreneurial investors.
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